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One Room Challenge Kitchen Reno Week 1

Hello my Lovelies!!!

It has been a hot minute since I have posted a blog post (over 2 years face-palm!), but I have an exciting project starting, my own kitchen!  I have dreamed of remodeling my kitchen even before we moved in.  And to document the process I have joined the Fall round of the One Room Challenge as a guest participant.  This is my first time joining the ORC and I am so excited to share my designs as well as meet some other incredibly talented designers!

Here are some pictures of the kitchen before we get started and you can see why its desperate for a makeover lol.


My girls are so excited to say good bye to that dated back-splash, especially the mosaic behind the stove. The fact that the fruit basket isn’t even centered between the stove and microwave has been driving me nuts for 7 YEARS!! WHY!!!

Now to talk about the plans.  I am adding in a pantry to the side of the refrigerator.  Some people might think that’s crazy since I will be losing counter space….but all I can think of is all the STORAGE!! Since upper cabinets are normally only 12” deep I can’t store any snacks, dry goods, drinks.  I have to go to 2 other closets in my house when cooking or getting stuff for the kids.  I want everything in one location so I’m not running around the house going crazy looking for stuff. (plus half the time I walk into a room and forget why I’m there or what I needed lol)

The island will be only 6” wider than the old one, but we are squaring it off so I will have gained more prep area there.  We are removing the air circulating microwave to put in a vented hood.  The new microwave will go in the island.  I am thinking of getting a black stainless microwave to blend in with the charcoal island.

Since my fridge and stove are only about 2-3 years old I’ll just be replacing the dishwasher.  Last minute decision to get a cabinet front dishwasher!

Here is the mood board we are working with (Its only changed about 8x!!)

If you know me I am a big fan of color.  So it was shocking to some people that I decided on white cabinets and a charcoal island.  Let me tell you why!  White kitchens are classic and timeless.  And I am painting the walls in the kitchen a very bold teal color (Slate Teal by Benjamin Moore).  In a few years if i decide to change the paint colors in my house I didn’t want to have to work around the color of my kitchen cabinets.  But I will amp up the color with accessories don’t you worry!

I’m so excited to be sharing this kitchen remodel for the One Room Challenge.  I can’t wait to show you all the weekly transformations!

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