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Spring Cleanup

Hello My Loves!!!
It has been forever since a blog post so to make it up to you I have some great tips to help change up your home for Spring!

Firstly, you don’t have to spend a fortune to update a room.  Look around your home for items that you can switch up.  I am constantly moving accessories from my living room, to dining room, to bedroom.

Again we are making small changes, not repainting or ordering new furniture.

Here is a before picture of my living room.

My walls are a light blue, but all my accent colors are dark. Red drapes, dark blue throw pillows and a dark blue area rug.  I will also note that my area rug is too small for the space.  The area rug should fit under both sofas (at least part of the loveseat should sit on the rug).

Here is the after


The first item I ordered was this rug from RugsUSA.  I chose a larger size but with a smaller pattern.  It is still a darker blue color, but with gray accents.  Another great site for reasonable area rugs without compromising quality is Wayfair.

Next I changed the drapes.  This was SUPER hard for me to commit to.  If you know me, I love color.  I knew I wanted a lighter feel to the room, and white drapes seemed to be the right answer.  It still took me a week to really get used to them, but now I’m obsessed with how much brighter the living room feels!  These drapes are not completely sheer and have a slight waffle weave texture to them.  You can find the drapes here available in different lengths.  I got the 54″x108″ length since I have tall ceilings.  Always make sure your drapes touch the floor, otherwise it will make your room appear shorter.  I also took down the red door panel to bring more light into the room.


Pillows and throw blankets were next!  The damask pillows I originally had never really felt like they fit my room.  I like having more variety.  I still kept my fuzzy cream pillows as my bookends on the larger sofa, and then got these pillows by Woven Nook.  What’s great about Woven Nook is that they have sets of pillows covers already grouped together so you don’t have to try and plan out pillows that will coordinate.  I got the 18×18 pillow covers and then filled them with 20×20 inserts (you want to make sure your inserts are 2″ larger than the cover so your pillow is nice and full!).



Since I was keeping the fuzzy cream pillows, I swapped out my fuzzy blanket for a more lightweight fabric blanket in a blush color.  Even though the nights are getting warmer, I still like to get cozy with a blanket at night while reading or watching TV.




Lastly I added in some new plants!  I have been trying so hard to become a good plant mama.  I started with 2 plants that are good for beginners, a snake plant and a philodendron plant.  Both these plants will work well in low/medium light, and I have a reminder set on my phone to water weekly.  I bought both plants at home depot….they are so reasonable!  And they had so many beautiful plants I wanted to bring them all home!  I placed the plants in baskets that I already had from Target, I just kept them in their original pot and lined the basket with a small garbage bag.


I hope you enjoyed this post and it helps bring more lightness, brightness and spring to your home!







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  1. Love these ideas! I need new drapes in my dining room. My white sheer drapes are old and showing their age! Good advice on the pillows…never thought to order a smaller size to make it a fuller fit.

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