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Playroom Fun!

I am in the process of reclaiming my living room back and giving my son his own playroom space.

One of his favorite things to play with at our public library is the magnet board.  His new playroom is small  and I didn’t want to get another object that will be moved around within the room, so I tried to come up with an idea to mount something to the wall.

Then I discovered a large oil drip pan is magnetic and easy to hang on my wall!

Galvanized Drip Pan

With the help of some Command Strips it took about 5 minutes to level out and place. Don’t forget to wipe the tray down after hanging.  (Since it is from the automotive department there was a coating on it that needed to be cleaned off.)

I wasn’t a fan of seeing the manufacturer on the pan, so i created some quick word art, Laminated it, and used double sided tape to mount it right over that spot.

Now onto accessories!



I first ordered these Magnetic Letters & Numbers to use on the board, but Damian still loves to put small objects into his mouth.  You can order larger numbers and letters like these Wooden Magnets or Foam Alphabet Magnets, but I went with the LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set.  It sounds out the letters when you place them in the bus, and also sings ABC’s and Wheels on the Bus (Damian’s 2 favorite songs)!  When we first put the bus on and showed him the letters he LOVED it!  He was so excited to show his big sisters his new toy when they came home from school.


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