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Instant Pot Sale

As you may know from reading my blog, the instant pot is my all time favorite appliance.  And right now the Instant Pot Ultra is on sale for the same price as the instant pot I talked about here.

I use the instant pot at least 3x a week.  I’ve made soups, meats, quiches, and desserts!  Almost any recipe can be converted to use in the Instant Pot!

2 of my favorite recipes can be found in this blog post.

2 quick recipes I like to make are chicken meatballs and salsa chicken

I pick up uncooked  chicken meatballs from Stew Leonard’s , put a layer of sauce on the bottom of the pot, toss in meatballs with about 25 ounces of sauce (16-20 meatballs to every 25 oz of sauce) on top.  Set manual high for 5 minutes.  The instant pot takes about 15-20 minutes to pressurize, then cooks for 5 minutes, then quick release for 5 minutes.  Dinner is done in about 30 minutes!  I usually serve the meatballs with pasta for the kids and zucchini noodles for me and the husband

For Salsa chicken I take about 3 pounds of trimmed chicken breast, a packet of Ortega taco seasoning, and a jar of salsa. Pour some salsa in the pot, sprinkle some taco seasoning, place chicken inside and sprinkle rest of seasoning.  Top the chicken with the remaining salsa, cover, and set to Poultry for 20 mins.  Again it takes about 15-20 minutes to build pressure and then I quick release for about 10 minutes.  After it is one cooking I shred the chicken with forks and place it back in the sauce for a few minutes to get a little more flavor.   Salsa chicken can be served over rice, used for tacos or salads.  It is so flavorful and juicy.  I don’t worry about it becoming too dry.

The instant pot has really changed dinner prep in my busy household for the better!!


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