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Baby Shower Gifts ~ Getting Creative with Diapers!

Even before I had my son you could find diapers all around my house.  I love making gifts using diapers and baby items.  It’s a cute gift that is filled with useful items for the mommy-to-be.  All diaper creations can be taken apart and used for the new baby.

There are so many different items that can be made using diapers.  My most popular item is the trike.


With a Diaper Trike you get approximately 40 diapers, 2 receiving blankets, 2 bibs, a sippy cup, a pair of socks and a stuffed animal.

I love a diaper cake as centerpieces for a baby shower.  And they are so versatile. A diaper cake can be made as big as you need and decorated to fit any style! Depending on the style of cake you want it can be adorned with sock rosettes, bath toys or coordinated to the shower theme.










As you can see I can make any type of item out of diapers.  This one was made for a Noah’s Ark themed baby shower.



Another fun one was the Diaper Train.  The “cars” were filled with items from the registry, while the engine is comprised of receiving blankets.



This bassinet comes with diapers and receiving blankets.


My favorite diaper creation (and my biggest challenge) was the Golf Caddy!  I wanted to make sure everything could be used, but it also had to be sturdy for transporting and not fall over.  With the help of my husband we came up with a system for keeping it together and looking fantastic!  This gift comes with diapers, 4 receiving blankets, 5 washcloths, and a pair of socks.


What better gift for a fireman’s daughter than a custom Firetruck!  The personalized toy box was filled with changing table goodies and diapers that guests had written funny messages on for night time changes.

Another cute option is a Diaper Wreath.


All creations can be made with items off the mommy-to-be’s registry.  I can personalize any gift to order.  Email me at liz@stylizedlivingny.com to discuss your next shower gift needs!!!

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